Corporate GIFTS

Our products can be used for Holiday gifts, swag bag gifts for conferences, etc.

Why us?

  • Customized Gifts – Tailor your bundles to your liking.
  • Peronsalized Branding – Add your company’s logo and message.
  • Immokalee Insights – Enjoy ‘Fun Facts’ about Immokale, Florida.
  • Student Connection – Each bundle includes a student’s message.
  • Community Impact – 100% of profits benefit the community.
  • Optional Bonus – Volunteer Opportunities to help us package your bundles and make a direct impact.
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Corporate program

Five Easy STEPS

Sending a gift with a purpose is a perfect way to highlight your company’s mission of giving back to the community. From costumized bundles, to personalized messages, our corporate gifts will make your company stand out and be noticed.

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    Share Your Budget

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    Customize Bundle, Select Products

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    Approve Your Quote

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    Personalize & Add Company’s Logo & Mesage

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    Choose Your Delivery Method

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