PeopleMaven: 14 Gifts That Give Back

Posted on April 3, 2019

Photo of Students for Taste of Immokalee holding product

Taste of Immokalee is included in the list of Gifts That Give Back, by Kaitlin Hung. Excerpts included below. 

If you’re tired of gifting the same chocolate & flowers, try giving a gift that gives back to a community in need. These gifts go a long way.

#6 Taste of Immokalee: Salsa and Sauces

Taste of Immokalee is a social business created and operated by high school students. Using fresh ingredients from the fields of Immokalee, one of Florida’s poorest communities, they sell salsa and sauces and use the profits to support youth programs and alleviate the extreme poverty in their community.

All profits are returned to Immokalee for programs that support youth, poverty, or other needs. Shop Taste of Immokalee

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