Stone Crab Festival 2015 & Retrospective

Posted on October 26, 2015

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One year ago the Stone Crab Festival exhibited the official launch of Taste of Immokalee to the public. We were confident in our selling abilities as we had rehearsed days prior with one another. Conversely, our booth was unprepared. To conceal the scratches scared on the table, we covered it with an unpleasant zebra pattern and polka dot cloth.We had no business cards nor anything that promoted our mission. The lack of marketing material and the childish table cloth disturbed the professional appeal we desperately strive to have.

TOI youth promoting productsNow our company is one year older, and it is all grown up. On our second attempt at the Stone Crab Festival this past weekend we were still the same confident sales people we once were but our promotional experiences at Wynn’s Market and other stores have sharpened our skills to an unbelievable point. Our booth achieved the professional appeal we strived for one year ago. The maroon table cloth we placed, complimented the color scheme of our products. We had marketing material galore, and we even had a vegetable arrangement as our centerpiece. The most meaningful experience at this event was being recognized by the people who read our story in the newspaper.

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