Taste of Immokalee is an entrepreneurship program that brings business leaders and nonprofits together to equip students with the entrepreneurial skills needed to rise out of poverty and make a positive impact on their community. Together we are igniting dreams and changing communities.

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“This program enabled me to grow into a person that both me and my family are proud of. I have gained business and leadership skills that not only prepared me to become a first-generation college graduate, but also were crucial to attaining multiple internships. I am now beginning my career working for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention…a career that I could not have imagined possible just four years ago.”
Dulce Marie Mendoza, Founding Member of Taste of Immokalee


The youth entrepreneurship program behind Taste of Immokalee uniquely provides students in Immokalee and Naples, Florida with real-world business experience. Working in both classroom and field operation settings, under the guidance of professional business mentors, students are involved with all aspects of the business including product testing, package design, manufacturing, accounting, sales and marketing. Through their involvement, students are provided with an opportunity to:

  • Discover purpose and overcome obstacles
  • Dream, knowing they are equipped to achieve those dreams
  • Make a positive impact in their community

Student Advancement Opportunities

The Taste of Immokalee program is highly structured to ensure success for both the students and the business.

Step 1

New recruits are accepted into the program every fall. They meet monthly and receive classroom training on the basic principles of entrepreneurship, and begin learning about our business.

Step 2

After successfully completing the apprenticeship program, students may apply for paid internship positions. This is a hands-on learning process where they operate all areas of the business and grow in leadership.

Step 3

Although many interns move away and pursue college dreams, they typically remain involved with the program, serving as advisors who provide guidance and mentorship to the younger interns.


Bring Our Model to Your Community

There are communities like Immokalee everywhere, where youth desire a chance to break the cycle of poverty that surrounds them and just need a little help, heart, and business know-how from leaders in the community. We’ve packaged our curriculum and practical applications for using your local resources or unique talents to start a student-operated business, and invite you to contact us to learn how your community can benefit from our experience.

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